Band of Brothers - ROB & JAMES SWARTZ

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Band of Brothers


Help your brother’s boat across, and your own will reach the shore. 

– Hindu Proverb



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Use one word to describe your brother. 

Rob describing James:  Loyal

James describing Rob:  Meticulous

How would you describe your relationship with your brother? (Use any word except complicated)

Rob describing James: Yin and Yang. Complementary. The normal sibling rivalry. It’s actually not complicated, it’s very simple. If you want something solved, see me. If you want something done, see James. You know, we’re like a mullet — business in the front, party in the back. 

James describing Rob:  Complementary is the right word. What he’s weak at, I’m better. What I’m weak at, he’s better. He’s a little more comic, I’m a little more black and white. 

How has your brother affected your own personal success?

Rob describing James:  There is no success without him. 

James describing Rob:  He hasn’t. I’ve made my own! (wink, wink) 

Who is the funnier sibling? 

Rob: Funny haha is me. Unconventional humor is more James.

James:  Rob. The goofy side is over there.

Laura Olsen

Houston, TX