Band Of Brothers - Daniel & Jordan Lash

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Band of Brothers


Help your brother’s boat across, and your own will reach the shore. 

– Hindu Proverb

Daniel & Jordan Lash


Jordan Lash


Use one word to describe your brother. 

Daniel describing Jordan:  Visionary

Jordan describing Daniel:   Efficient

How would you describe your relationship with your brother? (Any word Except complicated)

Daniel describing Jordan: Our relationship is very complimentary. We each recognize one another’s strengths, and work together to lessen one another’s weaknesses. We worked along side each other for 15 years and lived together for 3 of those...We have learned how to talk through situations to grow the business and our personal lives.

Jordan describing Daniel: We feed off of each other since we both have the same vision.  We are two peas in a pod when it comes to most of the visions of the store.  There always is a little bickering back-and-forth, but little tiff’s usually create strong positive business decisions.  All-in-all, we have a great relationship, inside and outside the store.  This venture has only grown us closer than ever.

How has your brother affected your own personal success?

Daniel describing Jordan: I give Jordan credit for 100% of my success. If it weren’t for him, I would never have been in this industry. I was recruited by to him to work at our last job and learned everything I know from him. I learned business strategy, merchandising, sales techniques, and most importantly how to develop relationships with customers to become friendships.

Jordan describing Daniel: Daniel is a vital asset in “Jordan Lash Charleston.”  We compliment each other in many ways.  Daniel finds all the places I mess up, lets me know about it, fixes it, lets me know about it again, and then sometimes even again.  But hey, its all about the “correct” end result, so I will be proud to be wrong.  Daniel is great at crossing every “t” and dotting every “i”.  He is a very sharp and skilled individual. 

Who is the funnier sibling? 

Daniel:  I am. Hands down. Just ask anyone.

Jordan:  I would love to say me, but my jokes are only funny to me.  Nobody else seems to laugh.  This means, yes, Daniel is the funnier one.

Laura Olsen

Houston, TX