MANSCAPE : Paul Yellin


MANSCAPE : Paul Yellin

Published in Issue #6 | AUTUMN 2016

CANE RHUM BAR & CARIBBEAN KITCHEN 251 East Bay Street, 843.277.2764, @CaneCHS, #EatDrinkCane

Boots or Flipflops? Barefoot
When you were a kid you dreamed about? Being a musician
Favorite sports team? My friends and our boogie boards
Poster hanging in your room in Jr. High? Three girls from the islands…
called ‘Birds of Paradise’
Early riser or night owl? Who has time to sleep?
Yardwork or laundry? Yardwork
Gym or jog? Gym
Steak or kale? Steak
Black or cream/sugar? Cream/Sugar
Book or Kindle/eReader? Book
Last book you couldn’t put down? Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point
Magazine cover you’d like to make? Either Imbibe or Food and Wine
Sail or Motor? Sail

Spicy or Mild? Nuclear
Jeans or shorts? Shorts
Pusser’s or Bacardi? Pusser’s
One thing you cant live without? My kids
Go-to Cocktail? Zombie
Are you afraid of anything? No
Who’s your best friend? My wife
Favorite TV Show? News
Favorite Place to visit? Magnolia Cemetery
Where do you want to visit? Israel and/or Egypt
What is you spirit animal? A mongoose
If you were to name a strain of cannabis, what would it be? Feelin’ Irie
Favorite curse word? Bumba Clatt

Laura Olsen

Houston, TX