Published in Issue #6 | AUTUMN 2016



Too much…your hair falls out….not enough....you can’t get
it up! Where is the happy medium? Again, getting old sucks!
Fortunately today, you can choose just about any dosage
form of testosterone to ensure your levels are where they
need to be or where you want them to be. Everything from
a patch, a gel, a nasal spray, injections and even implants are
available for your picking. And why not an oral testosterone?
It is available, but some experts believe the oral form can
have negative effects on the liver, especially at the required
men’s doses. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of
each dosage form. Due to the abuse potential, testosterone
is a controlled substance and as a result there are limits as
to the frequency it can be filled. I do stress one important
consideration, cost. Most Medicare drug plans and some
commercial drug plans do not cover testosterone in any
form. It certainly may benefit you to shop prices and maybe
even consider having it compounded for a fraction of the
cost. With a little help, you too can be “young” again!

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Laura Olsen

Houston, TX