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When I asked my wife if I could write an article on how the O shot and testosterone changed our sex life she threatened to throw me out of the house. I’m already on thin ice for letting the Low Country know about my Journey to Super Dick

Men are always telling me they would love to get a new and improved super dick but they can’t justify it because their wives don’t really care about sex anymore. It is hard to warrant the cost of a medical procedure when you are not going to get an opportunity to use it. This month’s column is dedicated to my journey to the perfect female orgasm. 

Nothing sucks more than a partner that has to fake it or just doesn’t want to have to sex in the first place. We’ve all been through the humiliation of a fake orgasm or suffered through 30 second sessions where your partner just wants you to finish so she can get back to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Men want sex all the time because we are pretty much guaranteed to have an orgasm. If women could count on having an orgasm every time they had sex, they might just turn into the sex starved junkies we’ve always wanted.  If modern medicine can create a super dick then there must be a clinical way to get our women to moan, scream and crave more sex. 

Dr. Charles Runnels showed me the first path to the perfect orgasm with the O Shot. The O shot works by injecting Platelet Rich Plasma into the clitoris and the labia wall. The procedure is painless and takes about 30 minutes. The PRP stimulates the clitoris by attracting adult stem cells to the area and enhancing the nerve endings that stimulate the vagina to increase lubrication.  I have heard stories of women that used to dread sex calling their husbands in the middle of the day for a little afternoon delight. Women that have this done are having some of the deepest orgasms imaginable. I’m not talking about the fake bullshit kind where she screams your name a few times, I’m talking about the really deep ones where her legs shake and you can feel it pulsate up and down her body. Once your partner has the O shot you will never have to ask if she came again.  

While the O Shot is our go to treatment to enhance orgasm function I understand that the idea of a needle going into the clitoris might be a little too much for your partner. If your wife or partner has all but lost the desire to have sex and cant seem to ever have an orgasm, odds are that she might be low in Testosterone.  Testosterone will most likely make your wife or partner want to have sex more and will almost certainly improve her orgasms. Testosterone is typically applied on the clitoris for best results. Testosterone replacement is not for everyone and she should see a qualified specialist to get her levels tested. 

If Testosterone deficiency isn’t the culprit you might want to look into Scream Cream.  Scream Cream is a topical cream designed to improve a woman’s sexual sensitivity. It contains vasodilators that increase the amount of blood going to the clitoris. Think of it as a female Viagra that is applied on the clit before sex.  It can also be combined with testosterone. Scream Cream works similarly to the way that Viagra and Cialis work for men. It brings more blood to the clitoris therefore shortening the time to achieve orgasm. 

The next time your partner tells you she isn’t in the mood or has never been able to orgasm don’t worry about your technique, your size and please don’t take it personally.  Odds are it doesn’t have anything to do with you.  Ask her if she would be open to any of these medical solutions that would all but guarantee her the best orgasms of her life.  You will always be remembered as the guy that showed her the path to the perfect orgasm.

Laura Olsen

Houston, TX