Terry Fox




When you were a kid you dreamed about?  Becoming an artist. 

Favorite Sports Team?  My hometown high school Hudson (NC) Hornets.

Early Riser or night owl?  HA!!  No question: Night owl!

Favorite Date Night Restaurant?  Lana Restaurant and Bar, recently shuttered and evermore mourned.

Instrument you wished you played?  I have never understood the science of music, but I am fascinated by the skills required for mastery of the piano. 

Most Surprising title on your iPod?  Do not own one. 

Proudest accomplishments?  Graduating from UNC as a proud Tar Heel and working with an incredible all-volunteer team to produce our soon-to-be 26 local Pecha Kuchas.   

Boots or Flipflops?  Both, depending on the weather.

Craft Brew or Ultra?  Miller Lite, silly!!

Black or Cream/Sugar?  Neither!  Nowhere, no time! 

Steak or Kale?  Neither!  Nowhere, no time.

Gym or jog?  Gym at my pals’ recently opened Koko FitClub.

Last Book you couldn’t put down?  A three-way tie: Moonglow by Michael Chabon, Swing Time by Zadie Smith, and The Pigeon Tunnel, John Le Carre’s memoir of his life as a spy.   

 Where do you want to visit?  Morocco.

Are you afraid of anything?  Aging—too late!!

Go-to Cocktail?  Hendrick’s and tonics with lots of cukes in season and Bloodys every Sunday.

What is your spirit animal?  The fox of course, although I am pretty much a prototypical Leo.

Favorite TV Show?  The Good Wife or Howdy Doody.

Who’s your best friend?  Of the human variety, blessedly too many to enumerate.  Of the critter type, my two 15-year-olds, canine and feline. 

One thing you can’t live without?  See directly above. 

Favorite Curse Word?  FUCK, of course!!  It can be any part of speech as needed!

Sail or Motor? Sail as it represents the ultimate in decadent luxuriousness.

Favorite present-day pastime?  Supporting the local creative community.

Laura Olsen

Houston, TX