by Maggie McMenamin


What remarkable thing could a 30-something innovative Peruvian-American, avid outdoorsman, family man and South Carolinian with an engineering degree from Clemson University possibly do to make an honest living here in the Lowcountry?  What occupation could conceivably incorporate all of the above attributes?  How about start a family-run local manufacturing business?  One that makes engineered-to-perfection socks? Yes, socks! After all, everyone wears ‘em and everyone needs ‘em. Local entrepreneur Samy Cuzmar has done just that.  His James Island-based company, My Comfy, manufactures socks using the finest of Peruvian alpaca fibers. 

Why Alpaca? 

Cuzmar will confidently tell you that alpaca fiber happens to be one of the finest, strongest, lightest & warmest animal fibers in the world. Whether it’s sports, dressy, winter, custom, compression or even exclusively designed socks you’re after, his gem of a company makes high quality socks for just about every foot you can imagine. The alpaca fiber used in the weaving process of the socks helps to self-regulate body temperature, insulates against outside conditions and is also hypoallergenic.  Besides being incredibly soft, yet strong and breathable, alpaca fibers resist odors better than most other fibers (can you say bye-bye stinky socks?) Alpaca fiber wicks the sweat away like nobody’s business too. 

It gets even better…

Using state of the art high-tech sock-weaving machines and some local man/womanpower, Cuzmar’s family-run operation also happens to be environmentally responsible; the socks are made in-house. Alpacas, in case you didn’t know, are naturally eco-friendly in that they are easy on the land and thus leave less of a ‘footprint.’ No pun intended. 

Cuzmar, a friendly, thoughtful and all around good guy makes his living making people feel good right down to their toes, so it comes as no surprise for us to learn that a portion of his company’s profits goes to Breast Cancer Awareness as well as to sponsoring various local school programs. If you ask him why he gives back to the community he lives and works in, he’ll simply smile and quietly answer “because it just feels good to give.”   

Samy Cuzmar is living proof that remarkable men are indeed doing remarkable things right here in the Lowcountry.

*You can find My Comfy Socks here: www.mycomfy.net 

(trust us, they’ll knock your (old) socks off!)

Laura Olsen

Houston, TX