MANSCAPE : Xan Laughlin

Xan Laughlin


When you were a kid you dreamed about ?  Playing in Major League Baseball…and art, but mostly baseball!

Favorite Sports Team?  Charleston Riverdogs

Early Riser or night owl?  Night owl for sure

Favorite Date Night restaurant?  FIG

Instrument you wished you played?  Any would be great. I’m tone deaf and envious of anyone who can play an instrument of any kind.

Boots or Flip Flops?  I’m a beach kid through and through so flip flops. 

Craft Brew or Ultra? I am not a beer snob. As long as it’s cold, light and refreshing, I’m happy. 

Black or cream/sugar?  Hipster style— iced, with a little chai tea, almond milk, honey syrup…try it before you judge!

Steak or Kale?  Growing up it was steak…these days it’s kale (specifically our delicious kale salad on the dinner menu)

Last book you couldn’t put down?  Anything about WWII…I will pick one up and read it in a matter of days. I literally can’t put them down. 

Where do you want to visit? African Safari is top of the list.

I will hopefully return to Greece this fall.  My soul cries for Spain.  Anywhere in Asia for the food. Australia and New Zealand for wine country.  Basically anywhere except Antarctica…I have no hair so I get cold easily!

Are you afraid of anything?  Failure

Go-to cocktail? An Aviation (gin, lemon, Creme de Violette, Maraschino liqueur)   This is the drink I order when I’m testing a bar. It’s pretty simple but if it’s not prepared properly, I’ll drink beer the remainder of the night.

Spirit Animal?  My dog Adara. She’s 20 pounds of vicious white fluff.

Favorite TV show?  Breaking Bad.

Who’s your best friend?   My father

One thing you can’t live without?  Books

Sail or Motor?  Motor.  I like leisure.

Best thing about your job? I get to make people smile every day through food, drink, and good company. It makes me happy to see others happy in the environment I know and love.

Laura Olsen

Houston, TX