“I don’t care what you do when you grow up as long as you’re happy.”

Published in Issue #4 | Spring 2016

That’s a pronouncement many parents make to their children, while they secretly hope that college and security are what their kids will choose. Peter Evans is a dad who walked that talk when his son Marlowe told him at 16 that he wanted to drop out of high school to follow his dream. Since Marlowe’s first word was “truck,” it wasn’t surprising that he had a plan to turn his love into a living. First, instead of completing senior year of high school, he got his GED (with a near perfect score), and by 17, he was the youngest student enrolled in a five-month program at Bridgestone Racing Academy in Canada. He lived on his own in an apartment with two roommates while he worked on cars and raced them. From there, he moved to Houston to study at the School of Automotive Machinists, where he learned to build engines for the performance and racing automotive industry. Next, it was back to Bridgestone for their extended program of racing and driving instruction. While there, he also worked for Penske on their race crew and fire safety team. After finishing his training in 2014, Marlowe and his father found an 86-acre drag-racing track for sale in Greeleyville, SC, that needed renovations and a facelift. Today, Marlowe is 22, and he and his dad are partners in Midway MotoSports Park along with his brother Damian (who also opted out of a traditional college arc) and their mutual friend Clay. Having improved and updated the existing 1/8 mile drag strip and facilities, they plan to add flat-track and motocross racing in 2016. The operation also offers motorcycles for rent and riding lessons as well building custom bikes and repairing and customizing performance vehicles. Although Marlowe took a different path than most high school students, he had the courage to follow a dream and a father who helped him make it to the finish line. Cheers to a winning team!

Laura Olsen

Houston, TX