Published Spring 2016

Partners in Success /  the Hensels

Picture this: It’s only an hour before the much anticipated grand-opening party for the Manor at Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center, a.k.a. Mt. Pleasant’s premiere 2015 state-of-the-art-men’s cosmetic enhancement spa.  From the town’s mayor to one of Charleston’s most well known celebrity chefs and his entourage, to a steady stream of high- profile locals, all are beginning to gather for the ribbon cutting ceremony and the festivities to follow.  
The Manor’s owners, Jack and Michele Hensel, are busy up to the last minute.  Both, with proverbial sleeves rolled up, are putting final touches on what will turn out to be a really well thought out and memorable event…. And despite having a small army of competent assistants, all of whom are also busy making everyone feel welcomed, the highly skilled surgeon (recently named best plastic surgeon 2015 by readers in Mt. Pleasant Magazine,) Dr. Jack Hensel is up on a stepladder changing the light bulb in the front doorway of their brand-new men’s spa.  Likewise, and with what can only be described as ‘with Herculean speed, his wife Michele is also busy making the last-minute rounds. With an air of confident, happy anticipation, she’s busy making sure that each of the over 50 invited vendors have everything they need for a successful event.  Both husband and wife seem equally happy, equally invested, and equally keen on even the smallest of details of their new business, and as we all know, like the wildly successful late Steve Jobs once said when it comes to business: “everything is important, success is in the details...” 
Thus, if you take an extremely talented, highly sought after, and obviously very down-to-earth plastic surgeon, and pair him with a petite, vivacious, smart, hands-on, affable, pretty blonde… you have the seeds of a true power couple. A couple whose success is wholly evident upon meeting them and the competent people they surround themselves with. 
So if the obvious surge of interest in recent years in aesthetic procedures for men is any indication at all, you can your bet your less tired, more chiseled, and a lot fitter self…here in the Lowcountry at least,  a new era of ‘guy empowerment’ is being led by a true Lowcountry power couple.  

Laura Olsen

Houston, TX