Not Yo’ Mama’s Pantyhose
Remember the days of white compression socks, ie TED hose.  I’m talking the white pantyhose/socks your granddad was wearing in the hospital.  Well those days have come and gone.   You are probably asking yourself, why are we discussing wearing compression socks?  I am going to suggest go buy yourself a pair and find out what all the rage is about.  As a pharmacist, I wear them daily to help battle muscle fatigue and help minimize fluid retention given I am on my feet 12+ hours a day.  The compression sock industry has modernized themselves and not only offers stylish patterns that resemble normal socks, but they have also crossed over from the medical realm into the athletic.  Compression for the athlete is thought to help maximize performance, reduce muscle fatigue, and improve muscle recuperation while minimizing the buildup of lactic acid.  To top this off, they come semi-custom to ensure the proper fit.  So, go get yourself a “love glove” for your legs.  You will not regret it!

Don’t Sweat It!
If you are like me, summer in Charleston means changing clothes 3 times daily.  Between the 95 degree weather and the 200% humidity, I wake up having looked like I just jumped out of the shower.   We know sweating is our body’s way of regulating it’s temperature, but for some of us, it means having pit sweats for days while simply sitting at our desk.  Many of us have what is referred to as hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.  It’s a daily burden and can be a sign of an underlying issue.  Excessive sweating can be a sign of thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, heart conditions, alcoholism, and even side effects of specific medications, or simply it can mean you sweat a lot.  There are several options that can help to reduce or even alleviate the multiple wardrobe changes.  Antiperspirants are first line options.  If you do not see improvement, you should consider other options such as iontophoresis, medication to suppress the perspiration including Botox.  Talk to your physician about what options may be best for you.  Don’t fret, we all sweat…

The “BUTT” of Jokes…
The DRE (digital rectal exam) is often a common topic amongst us men during our dreaded annual physical.  Two fingers, fat fingers, etc….But the DRE is something we should take seriously.  Along with the DRE, the PSA (prostate specific antigen test) are two primary ways to screen for potential prostate changes.  As we age, our prostate often enlarges.  This enlargement can be benign or it can actually indicate something more serious is going on.  The American Cancer Society recommends men age 50 and older proactively talk with their physician about the benefits, risks, and limitations of prostate cancer screening.  And if you are 40 and have a family history of prostate cancer….you should have this discussion today.  So suck it up and find yourself a practitioner with petite digits and go get checked! 
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Laura Olsen

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