Margaret Pilarski

An actor with movies, TV shows and handfuls of commercials sprinkled around his professional resume, Rob caught the acting bug in high school when he was cast in the musical comedy Li’l Abner. Local commercials followed, including one for a tuxedo rental store co-starring fellow Greenville athlete Kevin Garnett, before Rob was off to Auburn to major in business while continuing to act on the side. After studying abroad in Europe for a college program, Rob returned there after graduation, where he stayed for nearly a year. 

When he came back to the states, aimless but eager, he tagged along with a friend who was moving to Wilmington for grad school. “Wilmington had just become a hotbed for film and I was determined to land a role on Dawson’s Creek, which I did,” says Rob. 

For a year he continued to audition for other roles, landing a spot in Black Knight, a Martin Lawrence comedy – but that taught him yet another lesson. “That was my first feature film and I realized how brutally competitive acting is. And I was broke while all my friends were starting to make a little money.”

After a stint selling wine in Atlanta – very successfully – Rob was once again looking for acting leads, so it was off to New York City. “It’s like this fight between the real world and acting – satisfying your soul or satisfying your wallet. It’s always been a thing that I’ve grappled with,” he admits. 

“I hung out in New York for a few years and my dad came up one weekend to hang out and was like, ‘What are you going to do when you’re 35 and waiting tables with no resume?’ It started to hit me – I can always do acting but I can’t always go back and get a good resume. I knew sales was kind of my gig – acting is selling and selling is acting. Whether I’m selling somebody on a character I’m playing or on a sandwich I’m making – that was kind of my vocation.”

The opportunity arose to move back to the Greenville area to sell high-end property, which Rob parlayed into bigger real estate sales opportunities in St. Kitts, the Turks and Caicos and Costa Rica. 

“Real estate was going bananas,” he says, “I was literally selling dreams, like ‘there’s going to be a casino here, there’s going to be yacht club here…’ Amazing views, amazing property.” But the bubble burst and he moved to Charleston in 2012 on the hunt for his own dream property. Unlike his customers, though, Rob wasn’t after a lakefront villa with a view – Rob’s dream was to own a corner store like the one he would frequent on New York City’s Upper West Side in 2002. “Whether I was getting a six-pack of beer or a pastrami on rye, I would go in there every day. I loved it – it had everything I needed and the vibe was great.” 

And that love of community, of good food and everyday reliability, meant that Rob was after something special. “I didn’t just want a convenience store, I wanted a corner store of your dreams. I wanted the food to be amazing, I wanted the vibe to be great, I wanted the music to be killer, I wanted it to be intrinsically Charleston and authentic as hell.”

When he bought Queen Street Grocery in June 2012, dad had some choice words again. “My dad was like, ‘Rob this is the dumbest decision, do you realize you’re going to be in the kitchen 12 hours a day?’”

But times have changed. In four years Rob has built a staff and a reputation for quality, convenience, and authenticity. Not to mention over 13,000 followers on Instagram, where creative daily specials and community shout-outs are posted to the @queenstreetgrocery account. 

“We bring in local art, we bring in all local products. It’s like a utopia for locals. We have no pretention here, I’m not doing this to make a trillion dollars; this is for the soul, for the love of good food. It’s exactly what I’d dreamed it would be. It’s been a home run.”

And yet, Rob still wakes up with acting on the brain. “There’s times when it’s full-time, there’s times when it’s a hobby. They’re gonna need actors from 2 years old to 92 years old, so I’m always going to do it. I never know what’s going to happen in any given day. I might get a call to go audition for something tomorrow in Atlanta or New York or L.A., and I love that, it’s not like I have somewhere to be every morning.”

Two of Rob’s latest credits will be released soon, Enclosure, a horror film shot locally and co-starring Jake Busey, and Faceless, another locally shot horror film. He also landed a part in Marlon Wayans’s Netflix show, Naked, filmed in Charleston. This isn’t the first time Rob has been in a Wayans production – he was a series regular in the BET project Second Generation Wayans, playing Tony Dinapoli, the Wayans brothers’ agent. 

If that wasn’t enough, Rob’s got a hand in another “locally produced” story – that of the Gentlemen Smugglers, a crew of nonviolent drug runners who brought in (literal) tons of pot from Jamaica and Colombia through the South Carolina coast. Rob was so enthralled with their tale, and by the men themselves, that he optioned the rights to their story and hopes to get the greenlight for a show. And of course, he’d be in front of the camera once it starts rolling. 

His successes, adventures and continued learning are part of what Rob calls his “year of the Renaissance” (or #yearoftherenaissance on Instagram) and includes an upcoming trip to Africa. He’ll be going on safari in Johannesburg, seeing Victoria Falls and climbing Table Mountain. Says Rob, “Travelling is the ultimate form of education. How can you see a door and not want to open it?”



Sean Flood

In terms of Charleston, Sean Flood is fairly new to town, but he’s peddling something even fresher: electric cars and bike shares. Sean started GOTCHA Ride in 2009 out of Atlanta and ran it for four years there before relocating to Charleston for its appealing coastal and urban lifestyle. GOTCHA stands for Green Operated Transportation Carrying Humanity Around, and the company originated as a fleet of branded electric vehicles on college campuses. Rides are completely free (though tips for drivers are welcome!) and riders often receive a sample provided by the brand sponsoring the ride – think ice-cold Coca-Cola or a Bear Naked granola. The company operates GOTCHA Ride at Florida State University, University of Florida, Auburn, Clemson, Arizona State University, University of Georgia, Georgia Tech and University of South Carolina. 

Meanwhile the company’s bike-share segment, GOTCHA Bike, currently has 17 locations in operation including Auburn, Northern Kentucky University, and the Savannah College of Art and Design and will rollout locally, too. “We are planning to launch the City of Charleston bike share by year end with 250 bikes on the peninsula,” says Sean, “Launching our first GOTCHA Bike system at Auburn University in January after two years of research and development work was such a proud moment for me. To see our team’s hard work and dedication come to life was amazing.” 

For Sean, the two modes of transportation – electric vehicle and bike share options – are the hallmark of his work. “Sustainability and alternative transportation are paramount to me and part of our mission statement,” says Sean. “Our hope is to provide flexible transportation options to consumers while providing platforms for brands to reach their targeted consumer in a fun fashion.”

By partnering with companies to sponsor vehicles or bike shares, Sean is able to pair supportive, sustainability-minded brands with an open-minded audience. “So far, the feedback has been great. Brands are looking for cutting-edge ways to actually connect, and users want affordable, fun transportation. GOTCHA create the perfect partnership.”

My Journey to Superdick

My Journey to Superdick


Michael Twilley

I never thought I had a problem with my dick. No one ever complained. Sure there had been a few moments of shyness here and there but that happens to everyone, right? I certainly had no idea that enhancing it was even an option. 

A few years ago, a doctor friend of mine introduced to the exciting world of recreational dick drugs. He kicked me down a few Cialis and I was off to the races. I couldn’t believe how  awesome my dick was on dick drugs. The drugs eventually wore off and I was back to my good old ordinary dick. I sure as hell wasn’t going to ask my family doctor to hook me up with recreational dick drugs. The thought of asking that cute little Pharmacist @ CVS if my Cialis was ready made me cringe. So my experiment with dick drugs turned into a part time novelty, I might score some in Mexico on holiday or grab a few from my Dr. Friend here and there. Sadly the dream of a full time super dick was slowly slipping away or so it seemed. 


I moved to Charleston after my wife and I sold our company in Dallas. I started looking at new opportunities. I looked at weight loss, bio identical hormone replacement, hair replacement and sexual health.  I discovered an amazing procedure invented by Charles Runnells MD called The P Shot. At first, it didn’t sound that sexy, it was developed to cure Peronies disease or guys that have a really crooked dick. 

The P shot works by shooting your own Platelet Rich Plasma into the caverns that pump blood to the penis.  The PRP attracts stem cells and the stem cells clean out you caverns and supercharge the cells that pump blood into your dick. It lasts for about a year. 

What I found out next changed the way I will look at the P Shot forever. I spoke to a young man who worked at a clinic that offered the procedure. He was in his late 20s and told me he had the shot done. Surely this poor kid didn’t have a really bad case of ED or or Peroines disease. 

I asked him why would you have this done? 

“The side effect is it makes your dick bigger and stronger when it’s erect”

“You mean like a superdick? “

“Yeah I guess so.” 

“So you’re telling me that I can do the procedure and I could have a superdick for an entire year. “

“Yeah pretty much but results vary. “ 

I knew I had found my calling. After a few more months of due diligence I launched Low Country Male. I wanted to bring Erectile Enhancement to the masses. I flew to Beverly Hills with my Physician Dr. Michael Bauerschmidt to get the procedure done and train him.  I was terrified about the idea of a needle going into my dick. Would it hurt? Would I turn into Ron Jeremy when it was over? Would I cry? Would the nurse laugh at me? 

It didn’t hurt. The procedure uses a nerve block that numbs the area. The nurse shot my nether regions up with a lidocaine solution that completely blocked the nerve. They gave me lidocaine cream that I applied generously to my dick as well. I couldn’t feel a god damn thing. I laid back and let the Dr . perform his craft. 

Before I knew it, my ordinary dick had been pumped full of 10CCs of Platelet Rich Plasma and my journey to superdick had begun,. The weirdest part of the whole procedure was placingmy dick into a penis pump or as I like to call it a “dong bong after the procedure was complete. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be in Beverly Hills holding a conversation with a Physician and her nurse with my dick in a dong bong at 12 PSI. 

The procedure was a raging success. I had to use the dong bong for a few weeks to stimulate blood flow and get the PRP moving. I like to think of it as Physicial Therapy for my new and improved Superdick. 

Having a superdick is a wonderful thing and the P shot has changed the way I will view Erectile Dysfunction forever.  Once I experienced erectile enhancement, I started to realize that I had more erectile dysfunction than I wanted to admit.  Those seemingly few and far between “he’s just shy” or “maybe I’m just tired” episodes weren’t in my head. I wasn’t getting enough blood into my caverns.. It was a medical problem.  Now with a yearly boost of PRP I never have to worry about having a below average dick again.


Kissing Frogs?



Chad Straughan

Kissing Frogs?

Have you kissed a frog lately and now dealing with the repercussions?  No, I am not talking about your most recent blind date.  I am referring to your warts and not of the genital kind.  First off, the cause of the wart is not from kissing frogs.  Warts are caused by a virus living near the surface of the skin causing inflammation.  As a result, the skin develops a raised area often referred to as a wart.  Despite their appearance, most warts are harmless.  Dermatologist often recommend trying over the counter treatments such as salicylic acid in a 17% concentration and pumicing the wart daily to remove the dead skin until gone.  Duck tape, yes duck tape, can also be your best friend when trying to get rid of a wart.  Duck tape is reportedly effective at smothering the virus if used consecutively six days or more in conjunction with the topical treatments.  If the wart does not respond to the over the counter treatments, your dermatologist can recommend various compounds that can be created to target the virus from a multidimensional approach.  Have a discussion with your dermatologist about the best approach and targeted compound.  They may also try “killing the virus” by freezing the wart with nitrogen or burning it with a laser.  Keep in mind, warts are caused by a virus, meaning they are contagious and can spread.  If you have a wart, take care of it sooner than later.

Sleeping with the “Enemy”



Chad Straughan


Sleeping with the “Enemy”

Today’s society has provided us instant gratification on just about everything, including sleep, just ask Michael Jackson.  More and more of us rely on sleep aids to help us either fall asleep or stay asleep.  The literature speaks out on both sides, touting improved health benefits (maybe because we are getting a little shut eye) while at the same time shedding light on the addiction potential.  Let’s discuss a few of the available options.  I recommend having a discussion with your physician as to what is best for you.  Melatonin is a natural hormone that is often used to help you fall asleep.  Its effects may only last 4 hours, so you may find yourself waking sooner than you would like.  Of course, there are the over the counter “PM” products containing diphenhydramine, which exhibit drowsiness as the primary side effect (think Benadryl®).  These OTC meds may leave you in a haze the following day.  Moving into the prescription world, there is of course Ambien®, Lunesta®, Sonnata®, along with a few other similar drugs.  These drugs work on the GABA receptors in the brain “slowing it down” therefore allowing for sleep.  These classes of drugs are often associated with being addicting.  But it can be argued that any sleep aid is addicting.  Many sleep aids are associated with everything from addiction, daytime drowsiness to sleepwalking.  Keep in mind, you may find yourself walking the dog naked down the street at 2 am.  Or should I say, your neighbor may be witnessing this firsthand along with the cops.  I should also point out, trazodone; an “old school” antidepressant is now being commonly used off label to aid sleep.  In low doses, it has been shown to be an effective sleep aid with little addictive potential.  Given the various options on the market, one of these should be able to provide you with a good nights sleep!


Ten Easy Ways to Stay Sharp

Ten Easy Ways to Stay Sharp

by Susan Wilson, MD


 You’ve been saving for retirement for as long as you can remember. After all, the last thing you want is to find yourself challenged financially at the beginning of what might be the greatest chapter of your life, the time when you finally get to travel, golf, fish, and read all of the books you’ve been waiting to get to.

Your finances might be in good shape and ready for the adventure that is to come. But is your brain? Have you been doing all you can take make sure your brain is healthy in your later years?

Here are 10 simple maneuvers that go a long way toward increasing the odds that your brain is healthy and sharp when the long-awaited “me time” comes.

Studies show that you may be able to cut your risk of Alzheimer’s disease in half with moderate-intensity exercise. Strive for 150 minutes per week of cardio, and add strength training. For those over 65, two to three strength-building sessions per week may reduce the risk of cognitive decline by half.cial

Staying socially engaged may protect against dementia later, studies show. Connect with people, volunteer, join a club or social group. Get out and enjoy leisure-time activity with others. Make time for friends and family. It could benefit you more than you realize. Eat healthy

Inflammation caused by a diet high in trans fats and sugar is damaging to brain cells. Cut down on both of those, and choose a diet with lots of vegetables, beans, whole grains and fish. Consider adding green tea to your daily routine. It may improve mental alertness and slow brain aging.brin

Learn something new every day. Study a foreign language or learn to play a musical instrument. Do crossword puzzles and play number or word games.Stock up on your

Most adults need eight hours of sleep but many don’t get even close to that. Prioritize sleep. Get in bed early and put away electronic devices. If your family tells you that you snore, get checked for sleep apnea. Reduce stress

Stress is a major threat to brain health and can actually cause shrinkage of the memory center in the brain. Tackle stress by incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine — breathe, pray, meditate, reflect. Make fun a priority. Laugh.Stop smoking

Research shows smoking increases the risk of dementia by as much as 80 percent. When you quit, the circulation to your brain will improve immediately. This one is a no brainer. 

Control blood pressure and cholesterol

Maintaining blood pressure in the normal range and keeping cholesterol in check keeps the blood supply to the brain as healthy as possible.hed extra pounds

Extra weight is a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. Research shows that people who are overweight are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s later in life, and those who were obese had three times the risk. Time to get fit and trim. Drink

While it may be true that a glass of red wine a day has some positive effects on the brain, heavy alcohol consumption can markedly raise Alzheimer’s risk and accelerate brain aging.

Keep all of these in mind each day, and you will be sure to put your retirement savings to excellent use for a long time to come.




Rachel Toalson


When I see you rocking him to sleep in a dim-blue hospital room during early morning hours, silent but for the soft slumber-breath of his exhausted mother

When I see you washing dishes and cleaning house and folding laundry because your work-weary, child-weary, sometimes-just-life-weary wife needed a break

When I see you staying up into the dark hours to get done what time didn’t allow in the light hours because the needs don’t sleep like the sun

When I see you at the pool, urging them to find their courage, teaching them to use their legs, holding three who clutch at a chest they call safety

When I see you unloading a packed car by yourself at the zoo, pushing a stroller, holding a hand, turning your head to ensure the one falling behind catches up quickly

When I see you bearing the southern heat to toss balls to a child who hasn’t quite learned how to throw without hitting you places you’d like to never be hit, ever again

When I see that tiny hand wrapped around your finger, two explorers in a world of green and wildflower-purple and tan-spiked cacti

When I see you standing like a statue, a human jungle gym with monkey bars for arms and fire poles for legs and a dome mountain for shoulders

When I see you matching step with her, walking her right up to the door of her classroom, kissing her just outside and sending her in where you can’t be

When I see you declining that promotion or title or increase in salary because it means more time away from your family, and this treasure is one you’re not willing to lose

When I see you bumping elbows at a table, creating masterpieces from the crayons and markers and watercolors that stain their mouths and hands and shirts

When I see you laughing at corny jokes and making up your own just to hear them giggle

When I see you offering your lap for night-night stories, lying beside them to tell your own, listening to the tales of their imaginations

When I see you kissing the book-bruised eye and the sidewalk-scraped knee and the table-corner-busted chin

When I see you laying aside your phone, closing your laptop, turning off the television set to talk through their wonderings and rub their chests with courage and whisper love into sleepy ears

When I see their smiles, matched by your own, at the moment the front door whines open and you walk in after a long day away

When I see you jogging behind her on that no-more-training-wheels bike, letting go so she doesn’t see, guiding her one more step forward in this journey toward independence

When I see you draw him to your side and tuck him beneath the fold of your arm during that scary part of the movie

When I see you pulling him aside to talk about his not-so-great-attitude, to help him find a better way of expression, to teach him what it means to be a courageous man

When you slide down that didn’t-used-to-be-this-small slide because she’s just a little too afraid to go by herself

When I see you dress up like a pirate for his Treasure Island birthday party and read pirate stories with your comedic pirate voice

When I see you fighting for your country and the ones you love most of all, sending your letters, sending your prayers, sending your love across the miles

When I see you affirming that he is more important that a lost game or his not-quite-best performance or that jumbled try

When I see you standing beside her through her first heartbreak, her first best friend brawl, her first cut from the team

When I see your smile as you watch him walk across the stage, as you watch them turn the tassel, as you watch him wave to you, his family in the crowd

When I see you moving more stuff than she’ll ever fit in that tiny dorm room and then hauling it all the way back home to sit in her old room for an indefinite period of time, maybe even forever

When I see you giving your life yesterday and today and tomorrow because he is your son and she is your daughter, I can only say: Thank you.

Thank you for your bravery. Thank you for your example. Thank you for giving your life so you can build a new life. You are a hero. You are significant. You are a force of inspiration, hope and love in a world that desperately needs it. 

May you always remember the value of your courage and your power and your presence in the lives of those who call you father, papa, dad.



by Ben Leventhal

Resy CEO


When you were a kid you dreamed about? Playing for the New York Yankees                  

Favorite sports team? See above.

Early riser or night owl? Early riser

Favorite date night restaurant? Little Jack’s Tavern, at the bar

Instrument you wished you played? I wish I knew how to code.

Most surprising title on your IPod? The surprise would be if I still had an iPod.

Boots or Flip flops? Flip flops

Craft brew or Ultra? Craft brew

Black or cream/sugar? Black

Steak or Kale? Steak

Gym or jog? Gym

Last book you couldn’t put down? Shoe Dog, Phil Knight

Where do you want to visit? Sri Lanka

Are you afraid of anything? Alligators

Go-to cocktail? Reposado tequila

What is your spirit animal? I just took two online tests. One said Tiger and the other Goat King.

Favorite TV show? West Wing

Who’s your best friend? Indeed, my dog Jane

One thing you can’t live without? Downtime

Sail or motor? Sail