by Ben Leventhal

Resy CEO


When you were a kid you dreamed about? Playing for the New York Yankees                  

Favorite sports team? See above.

Early riser or night owl? Early riser

Favorite date night restaurant? Little Jack’s Tavern, at the bar

Instrument you wished you played? I wish I knew how to code.

Most surprising title on your IPod? The surprise would be if I still had an iPod.

Boots or Flip flops? Flip flops

Craft brew or Ultra? Craft brew

Black or cream/sugar? Black

Steak or Kale? Steak

Gym or jog? Gym

Last book you couldn’t put down? Shoe Dog, Phil Knight

Where do you want to visit? Sri Lanka

Are you afraid of anything? Alligators

Go-to cocktail? Reposado tequila

What is your spirit animal? I just took two online tests. One said Tiger and the other Goat King.

Favorite TV show? West Wing

Who’s your best friend? Indeed, my dog Jane

One thing you can’t live without? Downtime

Sail or motor? Sail

Laura Olsen

Houston, TX