My Journey to Superdick

My Journey to Superdick


Michael Twilley

I never thought I had a problem with my dick. No one ever complained. Sure there had been a few moments of shyness here and there but that happens to everyone, right? I certainly had no idea that enhancing it was even an option. 

A few years ago, a doctor friend of mine introduced to the exciting world of recreational dick drugs. He kicked me down a few Cialis and I was off to the races. I couldn’t believe how  awesome my dick was on dick drugs. The drugs eventually wore off and I was back to my good old ordinary dick. I sure as hell wasn’t going to ask my family doctor to hook me up with recreational dick drugs. The thought of asking that cute little Pharmacist @ CVS if my Cialis was ready made me cringe. So my experiment with dick drugs turned into a part time novelty, I might score some in Mexico on holiday or grab a few from my Dr. Friend here and there. Sadly the dream of a full time super dick was slowly slipping away or so it seemed. 


I moved to Charleston after my wife and I sold our company in Dallas. I started looking at new opportunities. I looked at weight loss, bio identical hormone replacement, hair replacement and sexual health.  I discovered an amazing procedure invented by Charles Runnells MD called The P Shot. At first, it didn’t sound that sexy, it was developed to cure Peronies disease or guys that have a really crooked dick. 

The P shot works by shooting your own Platelet Rich Plasma into the caverns that pump blood to the penis.  The PRP attracts stem cells and the stem cells clean out you caverns and supercharge the cells that pump blood into your dick. It lasts for about a year. 

What I found out next changed the way I will look at the P Shot forever. I spoke to a young man who worked at a clinic that offered the procedure. He was in his late 20s and told me he had the shot done. Surely this poor kid didn’t have a really bad case of ED or or Peroines disease. 

I asked him why would you have this done? 

“The side effect is it makes your dick bigger and stronger when it’s erect”

“You mean like a superdick? “

“Yeah I guess so.” 

“So you’re telling me that I can do the procedure and I could have a superdick for an entire year. “

“Yeah pretty much but results vary. “ 

I knew I had found my calling. After a few more months of due diligence I launched Low Country Male. I wanted to bring Erectile Enhancement to the masses. I flew to Beverly Hills with my Physician Dr. Michael Bauerschmidt to get the procedure done and train him.  I was terrified about the idea of a needle going into my dick. Would it hurt? Would I turn into Ron Jeremy when it was over? Would I cry? Would the nurse laugh at me? 

It didn’t hurt. The procedure uses a nerve block that numbs the area. The nurse shot my nether regions up with a lidocaine solution that completely blocked the nerve. They gave me lidocaine cream that I applied generously to my dick as well. I couldn’t feel a god damn thing. I laid back and let the Dr . perform his craft. 

Before I knew it, my ordinary dick had been pumped full of 10CCs of Platelet Rich Plasma and my journey to superdick had begun,. The weirdest part of the whole procedure was placingmy dick into a penis pump or as I like to call it a “dong bong after the procedure was complete. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be in Beverly Hills holding a conversation with a Physician and her nurse with my dick in a dong bong at 12 PSI. 

The procedure was a raging success. I had to use the dong bong for a few weeks to stimulate blood flow and get the PRP moving. I like to think of it as Physicial Therapy for my new and improved Superdick. 

Having a superdick is a wonderful thing and the P shot has changed the way I will view Erectile Dysfunction forever.  Once I experienced erectile enhancement, I started to realize that I had more erectile dysfunction than I wanted to admit.  Those seemingly few and far between “he’s just shy” or “maybe I’m just tired” episodes weren’t in my head. I wasn’t getting enough blood into my caverns.. It was a medical problem.  Now with a yearly boost of PRP I never have to worry about having a below average dick again.


Laura Olsen

Houston, TX